Established at 2007, Fuzhou Conssin Lighting Co., Ltd. focuses on manufacturing and supplying top quality high-power outdoor LED lighting fixtures. The factory has about 100 workers and around 26,000 m2 factory area Conssin has developed a professional industrial system, including high efficient R&D, manufacturing, sales and service teams. At the same time, Conssin creates completed series of unique and high-quality patent products. Those products, including LED Street Light, LED Flood Light, and LED High Bay Light etc., have acquired many international certifications and IP rates.

        Conssin strives to provide perfect outdoor LED products for the customers with strict requirements. So far, our products have been widely applied on streets,mines, harbors and other public areas in many countries throughout Europe, Australia, and America. Their high reliability and high performance has won respect, trust and appreciation from customers all over the world.

        福州康信照明公司建立于2007年。公司主要生產、提供高品質的室外高能LED燈。工廠大約有100名員工和26, 000平方米的占地面積。在這幾年的發展中,康信建立起了高效的研 發、生產、銷售和服務團隊。同時創建了一個獨一無二的、高質量的、具有多重國際認證、和自主知識產權的完整系列專利產品,包括路燈和投射燈等。康信力求為高要求的客戶 提供高質量的戶外LED照明產品。到現在為止,我們的產品已經廣泛應用于歐,澳南北美洲的道路、礦產、港口等多種公共場所。這些可靠和高效的產品已經贏得世界范圍內諸多 顧客的尊重、贊譽和信賴。 Conssin offers illumination with pride and responsibility. We hope one day, our light would distribute in every corner of the world!


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